Congratulation on the new Master


All members of Seogwoo Co. congratulate Mrs. La Hoang Phuong (Vice General Director) on her new MBA. The graduation ceremony for the Master of Business Administration has been organized on 25th March, 2009 by NorthCentral University, Arizona USA. Being Established since 1994, International Cooperation Center on Training and Technology transfer have had the 10 years experience in transferring the business administration training progamme of USA to Vietnam.

This is also the cooperation programme between Hanoi Polytechnic College and NorthCentral University, USA. At present, that is one of the most prestigious centers in international training cooperation for high quality human resource special for business administration, finance, commerce…All the masters graduated reach the international standard in English skill and professional skill as well as equipped living skill during the course. This is the 4th Master Degree of Seogwoo Co. and the Company praise the achievement for successful not only in studying but also in working.


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