Repair Works of 40 Primary Schools at the Central part of Vietnam


During the time in Vietnam, one of my happiness is carrying out the supporting plan for the Primary Schools in the Central part with Korean government’s help. Because the work which Koica has implemented since June 2009 is Repair works for the Primary Schools here and now it has been completed mostly.

The Korea International Cooperation Agency – KOICA (Resident Representative – Mr. Lee Wook Heon) has completed the checking of repair works within 12 days which be earlier than the plan of 15 days. The repair works performed in the last 2 months include repairing classrooms, studying facilities, desks and chairs for 40 schools in Central provinces: Quang  Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen – Khanh Hoa.

Repairing Primary Schools has some difficulties because these Schools were built by Korea’s support with the amount of 2 million USD since 2000 – 2001. Now they are old and in bad condition due to the lack of local’s budget as well as flood and other natural disasters.

Having known that situation Koica has made a special estimate plan of 560,000 USD. With the construction management of Seogwoo Construction Co., Ltd (Vietnam), we have started the repair work from 1st Jun 2009 to 10th August 2009. At present, the execution in fact is reach 90% and be completed within next 15 days as the schedule.

The regions of these schools are the places where the fierce war happened during 1960s-1970s. At that time there was not only American Army but also Korea Mercenary.

Passing this period, in comparison with other regions, people in these provinces have suffered the loss more than others and they have thought in opposition to Korea relatively. After independence, these provinces also are underdeveloped for both economy and social.

“After 6-7 years, due to so many reasons, if the classes, facilities in schools are not repaired, pupils there will not continue to study so that the  Vietnam – Korea Friendship  which has been built difficultly shall be also fade thereof” said the Resident Representative of  Konica. Base on this goodwill, he submitted the Korea Government this matter so that the work has been performed.

“Pupils after Summer Holiday will be very happy and surprised when they can see everything in good change and inhabitant here will make the comparison between the following up to the end of Korea government with the ignorance of other countries after their construction” Said delightedly he.

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