Showroom Booth Setup And New Booth Open

Showroom Booth Setup

   Showroom finished installing booth section. Total 28 booths are ready.

   Material company is needed only to signbord and display.

   Also prepared business center area for booth company staff who comes for business trip.

Showroom New Booth Open From June. New booth open start

          * KOREA PANEL E&C CO., LTD

         – Industry : Making, Construction

         – Product : Outside wall, Inside wall, Ceiling, Roof, Non – flammable E.P.S,

                         Urethane, Glass wool, metal, Clean room


         – Industry : Making, Selling, Construction

         – Product   : Sanitary equipments, tile…

 From July. New booth start

        * PNA VINA CO., LTD

        – Industry : Selling, Construction

        – Product : Compressor

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