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    KAS E&C provides the contractor industry responsibly and with the highest degree of integrity.

    / Consultancy on architectural design of works
    / Consultancy on structural design of civil and industrial works
    / Consultancy on supervision of construction activities
    / Project management consulting services
    / Construction of civil, industrial and traffic works.
    / Consultancy on design of road works
    / Evaluation and assessment of structural design of works,
    construction investment projects, preparation of general budget and finalization of construction works.
    / Interior and exterior designs.
    / Landscape care and maintenance service activities
    / Real estate business (including investing in the creation of houses or construction works for sale, lease or hire-purchase; investing in land reclamation and infrastructure works on leased land for the lease of land with infrastructure)
    / Trading promotion and introduction organization


    Total Responsibility - We take full responsibility during the entire building process and the warranty period. You expect quality - you get quality.


    KAS E&C provides the construction industry responsibly and with the highest degree of integrity.
    • BeerLaos – Carlsberg Asia

    • Anpack packaging JSC


    • HERRHIL CHARM CO., LTD – Garment factory



    • BIM 3 SOLAR PROJECT 18S 50 MW (DC)

    • BIM 1 SOLAR PROJECT 18E 30 MW (DC)

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  • Integrate ASEAN

    Over 500 employees are actively working in VietNam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

    We are expanding our capabilltles from Korea to VietNam and from VietNam to ASEAN

    Challenge of Growth

    Since foundation in 1994, KAS, E&C, has constantly challenged and has never stopped its growth. The spirit of pioneering and challenging new is the fundamental spirit of KAS E&C. We practice the building of love in the area where we build and carry out the development with that area

    Commitment of Excellence

    The excellence we pursue is our own goal. This is because we can deliver satisfactory results to our customers while simultaneously achieving the qualitative growth of our company.