Press Report


Chairman Jang Soon Bong joined Vietnam in the mid-20s as he participated in the construction of the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel.When the experience life was over, he decided to start as a young businessman based on the growth potential of Vietnam.Including Vietnam, leading 12 corporation in Myanmar,Cambodia and Laos.

Last March 13, for the interview , meet with chairman of KAS(Korea Asean Seogwoo) Holdings , Mr,Jang Soon Bong, wrote his business card with six cell phone numbers.Using different mobile phones for each country of his business activity as Vietnam Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos.

When asked, “Is it inconvenient?” but the answer is “Never mind it could be heavy, so I want more.”

Chairman Jang Soon Bong is the one who successful by himself, in 1994, raised Seogwoo Construction Company in Vietnam with a turnover of USD $1,000 after 24 years of raising in sales has been $1,000,000.Chairman Jang has a total of 12 corporations, including Seogwoo Construction, YS Architectural Company, and Education Company. Chairman Jang believes that the competitiveness of low-wage labor, which was the biggest merit of local investment, although still weaker than the past due to Vietnam’s continuous economic growth, but business opportunities utilizing labor power cheaper than Korea are still valid in Vietnam.

In particular, considering that ASEAN has a lot of opportunities for development, Chung is rapidly expanding its business territory to neighboring countries based on Vietnam’s success.Six mobile phones is prove this.But his first meeting with Vietnam which opened him up to success was ‘chance’ itself.

His first connection with Vietnam is dispatching to Daewoo Group which invested in Hanoi as an architect.

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